Shortstown/New Cardington - Community of Cyclists

Shortstown is in the Eastcotts ward of Bedford Borough. In the 2001 census it had 3.4% travelling to work by bicycle. The ward contains the new development on the RAF Cardington site - New Cardington - adjacent to Shortstown. The development started in 2008 and when completed will see an additional 1500 dwellings.

The development has been planned to be a walkable and cycle friendly neighbourhood and already a cycle network is taking shape within the development. with connections via Tinkers Hill, The High Road, Old Harrowden Road/Bumpy Lane and Harrowden Lane and Bedford Road to Bedford giving area easy cycle access to the town centre and work locations and schools.

New Cardington Cycle Routes

Cycle Routes

The main cycle route from New Cardington/Shortstown to Bedford is along the off-road cycle path via Tinkers Hill, The High Road, Harrowden Road to the Cambridge Road roundabout, and then quiet roads of Lovell Road, Jubilee Park (off-road), Collie Road, Nicholls Road, Fenlake Road, Cardington Road to join the riverside route to Town Bridge. An alternative route is via Old Harrowden Road and Bumpy Lane to Mile Road (Bedford Academy/Bunyan Centre) and Jubilee Park.

Priory Business Park may be reached via Harrowden Lane and Bedford Road (Cardington) or The High Road, Wallis Way and old Cambridge Road. For dwellings on the east side of Carmichael Drive Harrowden Lane may be reached more quickly and safely via Condor Boulevard and Chamberlain Way.

There are a series of Toucan signalled crossings of the main A600 road, Carmichael Drive, which divides the area to enable both the east and west sides to be easily accessed. A Toucan signalled crossing is also provided on the slip road to the A421 bypass at The High Road. There are central reservations on the other busy roads to enable each carriageway to be crossed safely.

Cycle Parking Stands

Secure cycle parking is now a must at a destination for utility cyclists whether they are stands of the 'Sheffield' type (an inverted 'U') or simply adjacent metal railings or trees.

New Cardington is being developed with a reasonable number of 'Sheffield' type cycle stands provided. At the present time in Beauvais Square the central feature behind the Shorts building there are small sets on each side of the square with a larger bank imeediately behind the Shorts building to give sufficient parking for 70 bicycles.

Please note that as part of planning applications all new dwellings (houses and flats) as well as all public facilities, businesses, etc have to incorporate a specific number of cycle parking stands as one of the conditions of the application's approval.

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