Cycle Security

Always lock your cycle in well-used and properly lit areas where it is visible to passing pedestrians if leaving it unattended.

Lock It or Lose It

Use a good quality lock that matches the value of your bicycle. If necessary use two different types - a D-lock as well as a flexible one.

Thread it through the frame and at least one wheel and secure it to something immovable, such as a cycle rack or railings.

Remove and take with you quick release valuables such as lights, pumps and panniers.

Ensure your cycle is easily identifiable. Make a note of model, frame number, colour and any accessories. Also photograph it and have the underside of the frame marked with a post code.

Insure your cycle and if it is stolen report it immediately to the Police.

There are a number of schemes where you can register your bicycle on a website but one recommended is Immobilise.

Bedfordshire Police regularly organise events where you can get your cycle marked and receive crime reduction advice.

A leaflet can be downloaded on how to keep your bike safe.






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