Winter Cycle Riding

Darker nights are now with us.

To be safe as a cyclist it is important for you and your bicycle to be seen. Wear bright or fluorescent clothing. Children should wear cycle helmets although it is a personal choice for adults.

Although your bicycle should be maintained properly all year round please ensure particularly during the winter months that:

Both tyres are in good condition. Worn tyres are more prone to punctures and slipping on greasy roads.
Brake blocks are not worn down. Modern brake blocks and rims in wet weather will wear out faster. Please check brakes each time before setting out.
Both front and rear lights are working. Two rear lights, one flashing, are useful in case one goes out while cycling. You may be able to see the motorist, but will they be able to see you? See the video See and be Seen.

As there is more dirt on the road during the winter and also salt both chain and gear shifts should be kept regularly oiled to prevent rusting.

Cycle Riding in Icy/Snowy Conditions

When riding in extreme conditions such as ice and snow please bear in mind the following tips:-

Use a slightly lower tyre pressure and lower your saddle
Avoid sharp braking or sudden movements
Keep your bars straight at any hint of a slip
Try and stay seated on climbs for extra traction
Keep your pedalling as smooth as possible
Drop your speed on descents and before tight corners

If you think Bedford will be too cold, wet or snowy this winter to cycle, please watch the short winterich video below filmed in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Cycle Life on Vimeo

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