Summer Cycle Riding

Lighter nights are now with us until the clocks are put back on Sunday 29 October 2023.

If you have not ridden your bicycle for some time please check it over, if necessary by taking it to your local cycle repairer. Please ensure that it has:

Both tyres in good condition and well inflated. Worn tyres are more prone to punctures and slipping on greasy roads.
Brake blocks not worn down. Modern brake blocks and rims in wet weather will wear out faster.
Both front and rear working lights, particularly if you are likely to go out before sunrise or return after sun set. You may be able to see the motorist, but will they be able to see you?

To prolong the life of your bike it is also a good idea to keep it clean and both the chain and gear shifts regularly oiled to prevent rusting.

To be safe as a cyclist it is important for you and your bicycle to be seen. Wear bright or fluorescent clothing.

If you are going into the countryside it is recommended that you take with you:

equipment such as a pump, spanners, tyre levers and puncture repair kit.
a drink and a snack and, if riding on a hot sunny day, protection against the sun.

Do not overdo it. Choose distances within your capability and allow plenty of time to stop, look and take in your surroundings.

Always securely lock your cycle before leaving it.

Off-Road Code

Follow the Country Code - especially remember to leave all gates as you find them, take litter home and make no unnecessary noise.

Be considerate to walkers and horse-riders and other cyclists. Peoples attitudes to cyclists depends on you.

Let them know in good time when approaching from behind - fit a bell and use it.

Slow down and give way.

Keep to the left of approaching cyclists.

Remember that cycling is permitted on bridleways and byways, but not on footpaths.
(See CCNB's briefing paper on 'Cycling on Pavements' here).

On-Road Code

Know and follow the Highway Code.

Don’t stop to look at your map on bends or at junctions - find somewhere off the road.

Take extra care in traffic, even quiet roads have the occasional fast traffic - if in doubt stop and check.