Cycling On-Road

Cycling on-road in traffic is not as hard as you might think. Our advice is:-

Know and follow the highway code.

Ensure your bicycle brakes work and tyres are well inflated.

Be visible by using fluorescent colours in the day, and lights and reflective fabrics at night.

See that children wear helmets.

Be alert and confident. Try to anticipate careless driving (e.g. cars turning across you or pulling out in front of you). If you get cut up stay calm!

Keep about one metre away from the kerb to avoid the gutter and drain covers.

Maintain awareness of traffic behind you. Mirrors can help.

Always check behind you and signal decisively if you want to change position/direction.

Ensure your intention is understood and accepted.

Never swerve round an obstacle unless it is safe to do so.

When approaching parked vehicles move out gradually and in good time, keeping a door’s width away.

Take up the correct position on the road for right turns and roundabouts.

Where a carriageway narrows at a central reservation move over to the 'primary position', that is, the middle of the road, to avoid being squeezed by any vehicle trying to get by.

If you feel a junction is hazardous, get off and cross on foot.

In one way systems, keep to the left hand side of your chosen lane except when approaching an exit on the right. Treat changing lanes as any other turn.

Do not be disconcerted by traffic passing on the left.

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