Cycling Off-Road

Many of the off-road routes shown on the Bedford and Kempston Cycle Route Map require cyclists and pedestrians to mix and on bridleways you may meet horses and their riders. Treat all of them with the consideration and respect you expect on the road from drivers. In particular:-

Politely make pedestrians, horses and riders aware of your approach. They can’t always hear you coming. If necessary use your bell. Do so in good time and not aggressively.

Do not cycle fast and be prepared to slow down to walking pace or even stop, if necessary.

Be particularly watchful of children and people who do not appear to be aware of your approach. They may be deaf or have poor eyesight.

Give pedestrians a wide berth, taking to the verge if necessary, as they can feel threatened when people cycle close to them.

Be careful at junctions, bends and entrances, particularly driveways from dwellings.

Keep to the appropriate side if possible of a path divided by a white line. Do not expect pedestrians to do the same. Some pedestrians may not understand the significance of this and walk on the cycle path.

Watch out for extended dog leads.

Never leave your cycle obstructing the way used by pedestrians and other users.

Look out for passengers getting on/off buses or for people emerging from driveways or other paths.

Allow at least two metres between a horse and yourself. If necessary, stop and move out of the way.

Do not give cyclists a bad name. No one likes being passed closely by a cyclist, coming 'out of the blue' at speed.

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