Cycling to Work

The British have the longest commuting times in Europe yet in Bedford Borough around 50% of residents (36,000) travel less than 5km to the place of work or to the railway station for onward travel, ideal distances for cycling.

At the present time 67% of these residents (24,000) travel less than this distance by car and 9% (3200) by bicycle. There are many reasons for commuters chosing to use their car but there is scope for many more motorists to switch to cycling as their mode of travel. Why not try it out, in the first instance just one day per week.

Benefits for Employees

Fits excercise into your daily routine
Regular cycling improves your health and fitness
Excercise improves your body and mind and reduces stress
Avoids congestion and enables you to arrive at work quicker
Reduces your commuting costs
and in the end - You will enjoy the ride

Benefits for Employers

Reduces costs from parking demands and peak time congestion
Greater travel choice for staff; improved access to potential workers (20.6% of Bedford Borough households do not have access to a car (Census 2011))
Improved environmental image
A fitter and healthier workforce
A low cost benefit your employees will value

What Cyclists Need

Secure, convenient and covered cycle parking
Changing, shower and storage facilities
Direct and convenient access to site
Information on cycling routes and facilities
A positive, welcoming attitude in the workplace

Getting Started

If your site has no Travel Plan [Information on CCNB site] or the one in existence is out of date, request your employer to create one (or update an existing one) to include all modes of transport including cycling.

Count the number of bicycles on site and identify where improved parking is needed.

Talk to existng cyclists and encourage them to set up a Bicycle Users Group (BUG).

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