Cycle Parking Stands

Studies have shown that lack of cycle parking stands at a destination can deter many people from cycling due to their fear of having their bicycle stolen (see Cycle Security). However balancing the needs of everyone in constrained urban environments in order to implement cycle parking can be very difficult.

Bedford is very fortunate that there are numerous banks of cycle parking stands with 3642 spaces throughout the town.

Bedford Town Centre

In and around the town centre area Bedford has more than 536 public cycle parking spaces of the 'Sheffield' type (40 extra spaces were installed in Autumn 2013, 102 in and around the new Riverside Bedford development in July 2017 and several others in 2018 and 2019) with most overlooked by the town's CCTV coverage. With improvements in Allhallows, High Street and Silver Street during 2021 a number of stands were removed and new ones in different locations installed. The bank of stands in Harpur Square south were also replaced by new ones in a secure shelter.

Bedford Midland Railway Station

Bedford Midland Railway Station has 212 cycle parking spaces of the 'Sheffield' type and 394 two-tier types (installed in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2019). These together with 24 'Sheffield' spaces in the adjacent Borough car park give a total of 630 spaces for commuter bicycles. More than 80% are under cover and most of them overlooked by the station's and the Borough's CCTV systems.

Bedford St John's Railway Station

Bedford St John's Railway Station in the Borough's Melbourne Street car park adjacent to the entrance to the station has eight cycle parking spaces of the 'Sheffield' type (installed in June 2014).

Other Locations

Nearly all of the local shopping parades in both Bedford and Kempston also have stands as do libraries, community and leisure centres and many doctors and dental surgeries and churches. If you believe there is a need for one or more at a location which currently does not have one please contact us so it can be added to the list for a future possible installation.

Bedford Borough's Cycle Parking Design Guidance

Bedford Borough's Parking Standards for Sustainable Communities Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted by the Council’s Executive on 10th September 2014, the cycle parking design guidance section 5.0 replacing the old Bedfordshire County Council's 2006 document. The cycling section of the new SPD can be accessed from the Borough's website here.

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